Memorial of the dead, Whitegate

Deaths in Clonrush Parish

The civil registration of deaths began in Ireland in 1864.   At this time some social normality had resumed among the population after the trauma of the famine. In the years that followed, many of the people that had been through those difficult times died and their descendants, many of whom had emigrated, are now diligently working to discover genealogical links to the original home place of their ancestry.

This publication may be helpful, being a description of all registered deaths that occurred in Clonrush parish over 100 years, together with a small number from the neighbouring districts of Mountshannon and Coose, who have graves in Clonrush Graveyard The approximate date of a small number of unregistered deaths were obtained from other sources.

This 72 page booklet is available at €15.00 including postage to all areas.