Clonrush Parish
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For the greater part of the 19th century, voting rights were restricted to male freeholders or owners of property with a valuation of £20 and over. This is of little value to genealogists as the number of individuals listed were few. The voting right was later extended to male occupiers or householders but the names of all these were published elsewhere. Women, regardless of their status or position were not given voting rights at this time.   The Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898 granted rural and urban district council voting rights to women householders only.  In 1918 women aged 30 years and over with property qualifications, were given the right to vote.   In 1922, The Irish Free State granted voting rights to all men and women over 21 years of age.   In 1973 all adults over 18 years were eligable to vote.

The links below are to voting lists compiled from published voting registers from 1891 to 1956 for the Whitegate, Mountshannon and Coose districts. As all of these districts were combined under Mountshannon poling district, Co. Galway up to 1898, the dates for all are consistent. From 1900 onwards, with the transfer of Clonrush and Mountshannon to Co. Clare, the registration districts were seperated as follows:
Clonrush, (Registration unit of Drummaan). Mountshannon is divided into two registration units: (Mountshannon and Innishcaltra) and the registration unit of Coose is (part of Woodford). For convenience, the two Mountshannon units are combined here. From 1900 onwards, the dates for each of the voting lists are not consistent, with many large gaps in the archived materials.

Drummaan 1 Voting 2 Voting 3
Voting 4 Drummaan 5 Voting 6

Voting 1 Voting 2 Voting 3
Voting 4 Voting 5 Voting 6

Voting 1 Voting 2 Voting 3